I canโ€™t get this image out of my head: Tell me: why are they standing so far apart? And no, I didn't just wake up from a two-year coma, nor am I writinโ€ฆ
Things worth sharing
Some honest reflections
Boredom is dead, and that's a bad thing.
If we can't honour the Hero of England, who can we honour?
Things worth sharing.
Where do we go from here?
I might regret writing this if I move out of London
The title says it all. Of the 45-ish books I read last year, here are the few that stand out as particularly good, bad or otherwise noteworthy: Cynicalโ€ฆ
You only get one pair of ears.
I haven't eaten in a week, and I feel great.
The web is broken, but Substack provides a glimmer of hope.